With local and regional manufacturing solutions you become more competitive by bringing your products to the market faster and at lower costs, and adding value though highly skilled and integrated design, manufacturing and distribution services.


With over 30 years of experience known in the industry for commitment to quality, flexibility, and compliance to regulatory requirements avoiding setbacks and delays. Customers trust their product to the responsiveness and ingenuity of their trusted partner, VirTex.


VirTex provides a full range of PCB Assembly, Electronic Assembly, Box Build, PCB Prototypes, DFM, Testing Services, Thick Film Hybrid Circuits and other PCB Assembly Services.  With award winning quality certifications and standards, VirTex maintains detailed and documented quality assurance programs that emphasize continuous improvement and accountability.  


VirTex was formed to address a gap in the EMS market.  No mid-tier electronic manufacturing service provider (EMS) was focusing on technology as an enabler. VirTex invests in cutting-edge technology for start-ups and established customers, to offer a flexible and scalable solution; we continuously meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, with superior execution at every stage.”
Brad Heath, CEO and Owner


Welcome to Virtex

A Trusted Technology Partner

With 30+ years of contract manufacturing experience


VirTex scales to meet dreams. We are all about the journey of innovation, enabling our customers to go beyond the everyday. Each part of the journey is collaborative and transparent, from that lightbulb moment to final fulfillment. Just as no two journeys are the same, no two customers are identical. There’s no straight line to success, but with VirTex as your partner, your ideas become reality.


We break down barriers to build in the region and to serve the region, across the global supply chain, innovating at every turn. With employees, partnerships, and services spanning smart supply chains, the scale of technology and talent is immense.


Let VirTex be your competitive advantage, your passage to a successful product solution exchange.


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