November 2016

Mr. Alpers is a unique sales professional, who has built up a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, by enjoying a wide and varied career inside and outside the electronics industry.  Throughout his profession, he has immersed himself in a range of roles from engineering to sales and production, for leading brands such as Yodle, Texas Instruments and Solectron.  This experience has equipped Mr. Alpers with all-round comprehensive knowledge, from operations to management.

“His level of experience is exceptionally rare and his ability to interact with customers is his distinct advantage.” states Rick Polansky, Senior Vice President of Business Development, “He speaks our customer’s language, absorbs their technical know-how and delivers.”

Mr. Alpers added, “I am delighted to join VirTex, a company that I have watched with interest, with its positive reputation in the Texas electronics manufacturing industry, as a partner manufacturers can trust with their continued investment in high calibre people.”

About VirTex 

VirTex is a trusted technology partner that provides strategic Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to Original Equipment Makers (OEMs).  VirTex increases the competitive position of customer’s products with a smart and simplified regional supply chain solution across the production lifecycle, by focusing on and reflecting their customers vision.

Through harnessing their local and regional manufacturing solutions, customers become more competitive, by bringing their products to the market faster and at lower costs and adding value though highly skilled and integrated design, manufacturing and distribution services.

With over 30 years of experience, VirTex are known in the industry for commitment to quality, flexibility and compliance to regulatory requirements and avoiding setbacks and delays. Customers trust their product to the responsiveness and ingenuity of their trusted partner, VirTex.

Vision. Value. VirTex.

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