Vision. Value. VirTex.


Vision. Value. VirTex.

VirTex is an Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider that was formed as a result of listening to customer requirements and industry gap analysis.  Keeping close to customers and the ability to grow, develop with them is a recognized market need, doing business at a local/regional level whilst having the capability to leverage our partnership network to benefit customers.

Unique positioning and strategic offering.  Our VirTex partnership network and product exchange solution model allows customers to benefit from a multitude of services, solutions and capabilities:

  • Complex and diverse business volumes and product mix
  • Batch build vs. dedicated line production
  • Batch size ranging from a single piece to thousands of units
  • NPI and project start-ups
  • Project transfers

VirTex is a gateway to our product solution exchange:

  • Design and value engineering
  • Vertical integration
  • Smart supply chain solutions
  • Technology leadership