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Contract Electronics Manufacturing Service for Automotive, Aerospace & Defense (A&D), Industrial, and Medical.

In today’s business environment, OEMs must find innovative, cost-effective solutions that improve their competitive position while focusing on their strategic vision and brand equity. Unlike other Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) providers, VirTex offers full-spectrum Design, Development, and Distribution services to A&D, Automotive, Industrial and Medical OEM customers. With an extensive partnership network, VirTex combines the advantages of a vertically integrated service offering with the benefits of a local manufacturing base. This enables customers to optimize supply chain operations, accelerate time to market and time to volume, and reduce capital investments and production costs.

VirTex has significantly enhanced its ability to serve OEMs by organizing the company into a focused market-segment approach. This strategy is designed to bring greater value and innovation to our customers, improve OEM competitiveness, and increase our ability to continuously improve services for each market segment. Our market-segment approach offers OEMs the economies-of-scale of centralized core services such as Development, Procurement, Distribution and IT and customized, market-specific capabilities offered through Design and Engineering services. Additionally, these market-tailored services are vertically integrated with our cost-effective components solutions and address the unique product design, manufacturing, and logistics considerations of OEMs across a variety of industries. Through this market-focused leadership strategy, VirTex is able to make fast, flexible decisions in response to changing market conditions.

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