Vision. Value. VirTex.

flexibility & scalability.

Leveraging VirTex, You Benefit from Scale, Scope and a Flexible Experience.

VirTex does more in a shorter amount of time to create value and make your business more competitive. As a leading EMS provider, we draw on our experience in design, manufacturing, engineering and supply chain management to drive value for our customer in the NPI phase.

At VirTex we are committed to providing you with a Total Solution. We are your local gateway to our product exchange solution.

Service Supporting Continuous Improvement

  • Specialist incubator solution that enables customers to grow permanent production capabilities for new products
  • The scalability and flexibility to build from single digit to volume production
  • Key Operating Indicators (KOI) such as cost, delivery and quality performance are used in day-to-day operations. Analyzing KOI’s drives significant improvement and adds value
  • Award winning information systems in terms of innovation, quality and speed of services
  • A collaborative network of people, systems, processes, and metrics that intensely drives a framework to identify, develop and deploy best in class practices