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smart supply chain.

In today’s fast paced, developing world…

Supply chains have become more complex

  • Mapping your end-to-end supply chain is more and more important
  • Technological changes are transforming manufacturing and supply chains
  • 3D printing is rapidly achieving levels of performance required to be production-ready


  • Already used in production for medical devices and aerospace
    • Performance is improving year on year
      • At lower volumes, unit costs are competitive with machining and plastic injection molding
  • The Use of Intelligent Robotics is on the Increase
  • Competitiveness is being achieved in what was once considered a higher cost economy (see our Reshoring Infographic)
  • Open-Source Electronics is Enabling Innovation
  • Enabling New Product classes and Lowering cost of computing across industries
  • Software is Transforming the Supply Chain
  • Devices are becoming inter-connected to create the Internet of Things

Do you need to rethink your supply chain?

  • Full risk assessment on your Supply Chain
  • Do your investments reflect the shift to flexible manufacturing?
  • Are you taking advantage of new demand manufacturing services available?
  • Does your production lifecycle reflect the advantages of these new capabilities?
  • Are you designing your product for the Smart Supply Chain?


VirTex can help you effectively optimize your operational efficiency by introducing you to their smart supply chain solution to ensure transparency and traceability, while avoiding risk and review your total cost of ownership.

Our supply chain tools and software are award winning, see our news section for further details.